Paw Point at Lake Roland is committed to continued fundraising to support maintenance, improvement and development of Paw Point. Membership fees and donations are our primary sources of funding.

As an all-volunteer organization, we welcome your help in any area. We need board and committee members and volunteers with a variety of skills to support our efforts. Sign up to volunteer on your membership application.

Download the Paw Point Membership Application here.

You can also e-mail us at to explore volunteer opportunities.

To join Paw Point each one of your registered dogs will need proof of current rabies vaccinations and a city or county license.

Please MAIL your completed application to the address indicated below, so that County staff can forward your application to the Paw Point committee.

After we receive your application, it may take up to 2 weeks to be processed by our volunteers, and this is in addition USPS transit time to and from the Paw Point Committee. To expedite the receipt of your application by the Paw Point Committee, your application can always be dropped off in the park mailbox located at 1000 Lakeside Drive next to the main park bridge in front of the dam. Your access code and tag will then be returned by mail; please be patient. Incomplete applications will be returned for completion.

For information on city licenses please click here.

For information on county licenses or to apply online, please click here. License processing by mail can take up to 10 weeks. For prompt processing, you can apply in person at any Baltimore County Full Service Library.

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited use, from sunrise to 15 minutes before sunset, of Paw Point facilities at Lake Roland for two licensed & vaccinated dogs. Ground conditions within the dog park may vary throughout the year based on seasonal and weather conditions.
  • Water access is closed during the winter and at the Park Rangers discretion for other safety issues. When seasonally open, water swim access is only permitted when water quality is good and/or the swim access area is safe from storm debris. The health and welfare of your dog is our primary concern with the focus being on preventing injury or illness.¬†There are five water quality testing sites located within Lake Roland that are monitored for water quality by the Baltimore County Health Department. Lake Roland is fed by the Jones Falls watershed. The Jones Falls watershed encompasses 40 square miles including rural segments of Baltimore County at its upper reaches. The headwaters of the Jones Falls begin in Greenspring Valley and meanders east until it reaches Lake Roland. At Lake Roland the river merges with the eastern tributaries, Roland Run originating in Cockeysville and Towson Run originating in Towson, and then continues southward over the dam in Lake Roland. Nearly two-thirds of this watershed is located in rural Baltimore County with the remaining one-third of the watershed being located in high density development areas including Cockeysville and Towson. The Swim Access status is posted on the Paw Point Facebook Page, on the bottom of the Paw Point Website and on the bottom of the Lake Roland Website. If the swim access area is closed due to a failing water quality test, it will not be reopened until a passing test occurs.
  • Drinking water is available when the weather can be assured of staying above freezing.
  • Electronic newsletter and advance notice of special events.

Membership Fees:

  • $35 ~ Individual Membership – two dogs – 12 months
  • All members will be assigned a secure code for entry to Paw Point during hours of operation. Today’s Park operating hours are shown below. Paw Point closes 15 minutes before sunset to allow time to leave the Park.

How to Join:

    • By Mail – Download the membership form here and mail along with your check payable to LRNC:
      Lake Roland Nature Council
      1000 Lakeside Drive
      Baltimore, Maryland 21210
  • Membership is from January 1 – December 31 of each calendar year. Applications are accepted throughout the year. There is no prorating for a partial year.
  • Renewals and New Applications for the following year will be accepted on and/or after November 1st of the current membership year. New Applications for membership received in the month of October of the current membership year will be held for processing until November 1st of the current membership year so that the new membership will be valid for the balance of the current membership year and the following membership year.
  • E-mail reminders to renew are sent to current members in October of every membership year. Please note that if you have unsubscribed to park emails, you will not receive reminders for renewal or notifications of other dog park events.
  • Each year, walk-up registrations are offered outside the entrance to Paw Point. There are two registration/renewal days held on weekends in the beginning of November. Bring your completed application and either cash or check and you will walk away with your tag and new gate code. The dates and times can be found on the calendar of events on the Paw Point dog park website HERE and on the Paw Point Facebook page HERE.
  • No walk-in registrations will be accepted.
  • No trial or temporary memberships can be provided.
  • Renewals require the complete application form be submitted in order to update license and rabies tag numbers.
  • We do not accept electronic or online membership applications or payments.

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